With the discovery of the Medical Medium® books my life has fundamentally changed. Over the last two years I have been able to optimize my nutrition thanks to the crucial information Anthony provides. From the first page of the first book, it was clear that I had finally found the book that I had been visualizing for seven years, and that it was able to answer all of my burning health questions, from both in my private and professional life, in addition to resolving all contradictions amongst the many dietary theories out there. 

From that point on, things went catapulting forward:

  • In the summer of 2019 I successfully brought Vimergy to Germany, Anthony William`s favorite supplement manufacturer.
  • I became a member of the “freihochdrei moderator team, which is the largest German-spoken Medical Medium® Support Facebook group.
  • At the beginning of 2020 I recorded my first YouTube video for the “freihochdrei” Health Weeks and became a member of the “freihochdrei” Health Ambassadors.

A short time later, the next highlight followed: I joined Muneeza‘s admin team. Muneeza™ is a member of the eight Healing Ambassadors recommended by Anthony William and runs the world’s most comprehensive online training programs in the Medical Medium® knowledge universe. Only a few days after joining, another premiere took place: my first Facebook live with the Team.


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Muneeza Ahmed, Healing Ambassador, Medical Intuitive, Health Coach (IIN®)[Advertising]

Of outstanding value on my personal health journey in addition to the knowledge universe of Medical Medium® was my training to become an NLP master. The techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, i.e. the programming of our subconscious through our language, helped me deal with the massive confrontation of a diagnosis that is considered to be incurable by medical communities.
Today it is an indispensable tool in my daily coaching practice and the approach is very popular with my clients.

References of Bernd Bissinger:

  • Certified Health Coach from the „Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN®)[Advertising], March 2016, New York, USA
  • Member of the International Association for Health Coaches (IAHC)
  • Health ambassador and moderator at “freihochdrei” (Germanys largest MM community), August 2019 to Oktober 2021
  • Admin of Team Muneeza™, Healing Ambassador, Medical Intuitive, Health Coach (IIN®)
  • Participant of the “Detox Mastery Program” with Muneeza™
  • Participant of the “Practitioner Program” with Muneeza™
  • Participant of the “Adrenal Reset Program” with Muneeza™
  • Adminteam “Intuitive Healing Community” with Muneeza™, 2020 and 2021
  • Adminteam “Rise Up – 2-Month Online Practitioner Support Program” with Muneeza™, October 2021, February 2022, May 2022
  • NLP-Master certified by the German NLP Association, March 2018

Media contributions:

  • Article on the blog of “Lexoffice” (accounting software), February 2020
  • Youtube video contribution about the 28-day-cleanse for the “freihochdrei & friends” health weeks, February 2020
  • Facebook Crisis Support Live with Team Muneeza, see her Fb or IGTV account; My turn: Min. 59:40, March 2020
  • Speaker at the Healing Chronic Illness Summit”, May 2020
  • Interview with @Chronisch_ehrlich on IGTV (suize IG channel), May 2020
  • Interview with Muneeza™ (published October 2020 in the IHC 2020)
  • Interview with “Bucher Media” for Youtube (November 2020) – with prof. english subtitles
  • Article in the online edition of “Focus”, one of Germanys top 3 newsmagazines (publication: July 2020)
  • Article in the online edition of the “Tagesspiegel”, No. 10 of Germanys most cited newspapers (publication: July 2020)
  • Speaker Internationaler Gesundheitskongress, January 2021
  • Podcast interview with @questforhealingpodcast, January 2021
  • Podcast interview with @happinessfromwithinnow, February 2021

Additional media content in german language: german website.