NA Kundenfeedback Portrait
© Foto: Jan Reumann

“As a nutritionist, I can warmly recommend Bernd to everyone and every chronically ill person! He is very professional, well organized, always prepared, and takes the time needed to clarify all questions completely. His warm voice makes you feel wonderfully looked after during telephone coaching, his choice of words testifies to his high level of empathy. Last but not least, he scores highly because his great know-how and knowledge of all nutritional issues.”

Natalie Acker, Germany
MU Kundenfeedback Portrait

“Bernd has an extraordinarily broad knowledge base in the area of dietary adjustments following AW. He is by your side with words and deeds alike. What I found out for myself and my health in more than a year, through research and reading, is little compared to what I was able to learn from Bernd in the first three sessions of his nutritional coaching.”

Marcel Utpatel, Hamburg, Germany
CM Kundenfeedback Portrait

“Bernd Bissinger’s knowledge of the findings of the Medial Medium®, Anthony William is as detailed as it is comprehensive. In conversation he always succeeds in finding the individual nutritional path that suits me best!”

Carola Meyerstrasse, district of Osnabrück, Germany
LS - Kundenfeedback

“Bernd possesses exceptionally strong mental resilience due to his own MS diagnosis. As a result, he is capable of addressing all problems with his extensive Anthony William knowledge and providing mental stability during turbulent times. Working with Bernd saved me the effort of reading over 7 books in my already weakened condition and allowed me to go directly to the root of the problem. I am very grateful for the collaboration and for regaining significantly more energy!”

Leonhard Schütze, Hessen, Germany
LG - Testimonial

“When I decided to go to follow the protocols of Anthony William in early 2020 to address my health challenges, I contacted Bernd Bissinger. The very first conversation was very in depth, sympathetic and personal, the chemistry was right. In one year of being accompanied by Bernd Bissinger, I was able to learn a lot, which went far beyond reading books. In all the sessions I always felt competently advised, personaly understood and in good hands. Very important for me was that we always proceeded at my pace. I can wholeheartedly recommend Bernd Bissinger and thank him for the sensitive guidance and the good exchange.”

Laura Ganswindt, Munich, Germany
MF Kundenfeedback Portrait

“If I’d been told that in March, I wouldn’t have believed it: I have energy and strength for my daily activities again! And that in such a short time (I write this in June)!! I am on my way to create something I have always believed in: A healthy diet has immediate health effects. Yes I knew it, I also read books about it, but I alone did not manage to achieve it: thank you Bernd! I also have enough energy now that my daughter can accompany me on this journey and I know that this will be the best gift I will ever give her”

M. Franqueira, district of Hohenlohe, Germany

Original in spanish:

“Si me lo hubieran dicho en marzo no me lo habría creído: vuelvo a tener energía y fuerza para mis actividades diarias!! Y en tan poco tiempo (escribo esto en junio)!!
Estoy en camino de conseguir algo en lo que siempre había creído: que una alimentación sana tiene efectos inmediatos en la salud. Sí, lo sabía, incluso había leído libros pero yo sola no lo había conseguido: muchas gracias Bernd!
También tengo la energía suficiente para que mi hija me acompañe en este viaje y sé que es el mejor regalo que le haré nunca.”

M. Franqueira, district of Hohenlohe, Germany
MB Kundenfeedback

Fully recommended

Although I have been dealing with the topic of health for a long time, Bernd was able to give me many new insights on my path with Anthony William! I am very grateful to him for his patience and always sympathetic nature.
Through him and his knowledge I have save myself a lot of time and worries!


Mike B., Nordrhein-Westfahlen, Germany

“I had to change my diet due to a serious illness and was looking for a competent nutritionist.
After intensive research I came across Bernd Bissinger and was more than enthusiastic after the first contact. In his role as a nutritional coach, he not only has the absolutely necessary and extensive specialist knowledge, he is also an extremely competent and pleasant conversational partner who always supports his clients with advice and assistance. I feel 100% taken seriously and well cared for”

Frank St., Ratingen, Germany
VP Kundenfeedback Portrait

“Bernd is a very compassionate and competent health coach. I feel very well looked after by him. I’m very grateful to have him by my side on my way following Anthony William.”

Vera Lúcia Da Silva Pacheco from Hamburg, Germany

“I felt very well looked after. The coaching was target-oriented and optimally tailored to my needs. The Anthony Williams-Way was absolutely the right decision for me and Bernd Bissinger has accompanied, supported and motivated me on this physically and emotionally challenging path”

Eleni Koimtzidou, Künzelsau, Germany

“My impairments were serious and I was correspondingly desperate. Bernd Bissinger dealt with my situation competently and very empathetically and always brought me a step further along my path with his expertise as well as his spirituality. In the meantime, my life has become worth living again, I am bursting with energy, so that I can also cope much better and even with joy with my everyday life again. Thank you very much, Bernd, for your great support…”

Monika Unrath, Birkenau / Odenwald, Germany
R Customer Feedback

“Bernd is an absolute expert in his field and has an answer to almost every question. He offers a clear structure in his consulting and accompanies goal-oriented and professional. He is always well prepared and pays attention to a healthy balance in his coaching, so that you as a client are spurred on, but never overwhelmed. With Bernd, I have always felt in good hands and understood and can therefore recommend him wholeheartedly and without reservation.”

René, Düsseldorf, Germany
SDB Customer Feedback

“Since I suffer from the same disease and have been in contact with A.W. before, I turned to Bernd Bissinger because I was looking for someone to accompany me in this challenge. The accompaniment of Bernd Bissinger was very pleasant and beneficial, so that I can implement the dietary change more easily and purposefully. Also, his expertise and knowledge in the matter was very helpful. In addition, he often convinced me with information and suggestions that did not come out in the form of A.W.’s books. He also let his own experience flow into the coaching, which made one or the other decision easier for me. I felt very well taken care of by Bernd Bissinger; I feel more confident in the implementation of the dietary change; I am more balanced and consequently have more energy.”

Silvia Dillmann-Besserer, Eberdingen, Germany

“It was the right decision to book two coaching appointments with Bernd after 2.5 years of Medical Medium. He is very well-versed and showed me how to move forward in a more structured way. The conversations were trusting and empathetic. I am now more confident on my journey and was able to implement valuable improvements.”

Additional feedback after further consultation:
“When I needed another telephone appointment six months later, I felt much more confident about my further healing journey. Bernd Bissinger really is the best counsellor in the German-speaking world! Everyone in my German AW group that I have spoken to about Bernd admires and appreciates him. I wish him all the best and hope that he will now take big, tangible steps towards his own recovery.”

Carola Hielscher, Büdelsdorf, Deutschland

“Bernd is a very sensitive and conscientious coach. I felt in very good hands with him at all times.
The coaching sessions were always accompanied by extensive reading material, which helped me a lot with my dietary changes.
Thank you very much, I can definitely recommend Bernd Bissinger.”

Florian Fenner, Mainz, Germany

“I can highly recommend Bernd as a coach. Through his pleasant, compassionate manner, I immediately felt well taken care of and understood. Through his knowledge and experience, I was able to make progress within the dietary change. He motivated me a lot and showed me new strategies, which I implemented at my own pace. It was very important to me that my husband was present during the consultation and could ask questions, he also felt very comfortable.
We were able to implement many of his helpful tips into our everyday lives.
I always felt taken seriously and professionally advised by Bernd.”

Jenny H., Hessen, Germany

“During my coaching with Bernd, I always felt very comfortable and understood. I always experienced Bernd as committed, informed and competent. As a concrete goal, I have found much more clarity in my nutrition and lifestyle choices through our work together.”

Scarlett K

“For me it was without doubt the right decision to look for a nutrition coach applying Medical Medium principles. The search led me to Bernd Bissinger and from the first conversation, I felt in good hands. I had already been following AW’s footsteps for almost 2 years and had already achieved incredible successes. But I got the final touch through Bernd. He was always there to advise me and filled the gaps in knowledge that I still had. He answered every question I had down to the smallest detail. I could ask him whatever I wanted. He had the right solution. Thank you very much for this terrific advice!”

Marina, Eggendorf, Austria

Highly recommended

Bernd was the perfect companion for me on my way to changing my diet to follow AW. Through his program and his numerous tips and support, I have been able to simplify my life with AW while keeping the thread that runs through his comprehensive knowledge. I feel so much better today. I am very happy that I have taken advantage of Bernd’s advice. It has helped me a lot. I could not have done it alone. Thank you very much!”

Sylvia S., Münster, Germany

“The coaching with Mr. Bissinger was very good. He responds well to the respective needs and living conditions, has a lot of knowledge in other areas concerning health.
He offers an all-inclusive, carefree package where you can let yourself go and quickly build up trust because you immediatly notice that the things Mr. Bissinger advises work and changes occur quickly.”

J. Schäfer, district of Hohenlohe, Germany

Thank you!

Working with Bernd has already brought me a lot so far. Especially on a mental level! He is really there for you – even in acute situations he did not let me down and stood by me. I’m looking forward to more coaching!”

Bianca, Germany

“Bernd Bissinger helped me a lot in the coaching sessions we had with his expertise in Medical Medium® Nutrition and his calm, precise manner. He is authentic, precise and a role model because he manages to live by the MM guidlines. I highly recommend his work.”

Sabine Wende, Essen, Germany

“On my way with Anthony William, I have received a lot of positive support from my Coach Bernd Bissinger. In his coaching sessions, Mr. Bissinger was very empathetic, motivating and very helpful in creating an individual health plan. I was also able to contact him in case of urgent queries. Overall, the coaching with Mr. Bissinger was very positive!”

Renate. B., Upper Franconia, Germany

“Mr. Bissinger is a very good, capable coach who is very competent in all nutritional matters and who can put himself in your shoes very well. This enabled him to be on the same wavelength as me. He recognized my problems and helped me a lot in coping with them. After the coaching program I feel much better, more balanced, can set limits better, take better care of myself, eat healthier and go through life more positively. I have found inner peace and my self-confidence has increased, which for me is a significant improvement in my quality of life.
Furthermore Mr. Bissinger is a good listener who has helped me with very good advice. One feels very well cared for and I trusted him absolutely.
I recommend his advice to all those who feel alone in their nutritional issues”

Erich S., Germany

“I can highly recommend Bernd. He is a very good coach – he has a lot of experience and expertise. His special patience, sympathy and charisma helps with every step – even if it goes temporarily backwards in between.

He takes the time you need. If you want to get one step further, do sessions with Bernd… it helps immensely. I have made a huge step forward on my path – which I probably would not have managed on my own. I am infinitely grateful that I found Bernd and that he accompanied me on my way.

Thank you, dear Bernd for your valuable work and loving support.”

Eva, Stuttgart, Germany