Coaching in German, English or Spanish

Advice, guidance and support

based on the principles of Medical Medium®:

Changing your diet and protocols can be very difficult.
But of course there are ways to have it be more comfortable. And that’s where I come in!

To assure a comfortable, time saving, and flawless application of the Medical Medium® methods, I offer the following options for consulting, ongoing support, and assistance in adjusting your protocols:

Feel-well-Package Premium (6×50 minutes)

  • Health History, Circle of life and Goals Coaching
  • support and motivation when having lows
  • Time-saving materials (routines, summaries, recipes and much more)
  • 6 individual sessions of coaching and consulting
  • Support for urgent enquiries up to 2x 5 minutes (via phone only)

Paid in advance
Price upon request

Payment plan
Price upon request

Feel-well-Package Premium Plus (12×50 minutes)

Premium services going beyond

  • a total of 12 individual coaching and consulting sessions
  • Premium Plus support for urgent enquiries up to 4x 5 minutes (via phone only)
  • Free of charge: E-Book “Life changing food” with many delicious recipes

Paid in advance
Price upon request

Payment plan
Price upon request

NOTE: An incorrectly implemented diet changes pose considerable health risks. This must be taken into account when applying the protocols on your own without professional guidance.

You have the opportunity to get to know me and my way of working at a free, non-binding first health history session. For this purpose you will receive a questionnaire (health assessment)from me via e-mail, which records your health status and history as well as the health history of your ancestors. Afterwards you send the completed questionnaire back to me. This will serve as a basis for our initial consultation,which is exclusively concerned with recording your health history as accurately as possible. This conversationlays the foundation for a further cooperation and does not yet include any consulting or advice.

The goal of my Health and NLP based Coaching is to lead my clients to:

  • increased awareness of our strength and power (even in seemingly hopeless situations)
  • a positive outlook despite adverse circumstances
  • a process-oriented view that things are temporary and everything constantly changes
  • a shift from victimhood to victor hood
  • the ability to make independent, intuitively safe and consistent decisions
  • increased self-confidence and self-compassion
  • increased understanding for the processes in the body and its needs
  • emotional stability and balance
  • a deeper joy for and purpose in life
  • sustainable outcomes at last

Holistic Coaching that addresses all levels: physical – psychological – mental – emotional – spiritual

Possible benefits of my coaching include:

  • detoxing in harmony with the body
  • concentrating on the essential things instead of excessive demands due to perfectionism
  • identifying individual blockages
  • successful implementation of an individual strategic plan
  • setting effective goals and priorities
  • becoming aware of one’s own value hierarchy and making according changes
  • becoming aware of one’s own motivations (“positive reinforcement” versus “negative reinforcement“)
  • strategizing small continuous steps instead of unattainable goals
  • greater perception of and focus on solutions and alternatives
  • less comparing with others
  • shifting problems into opportunities
  • more understanding for our environment (especially family, friends and acquaintances)
  • more positive language (“I cannot do that yet” instead of “I cannot do that anymore“)
  • the experience of self-efficacy and increased self-esteem